Cereal A La mode x Zyrup LCG × Zyrup


Cereal A La mode x Zyrup

LCG × Zyrup

12 seeds in a pack

All regular


Cereal A La Mode x Zyrup seeds


Cereal A La mode was a collaboration with @kpowerzzz_ its the Cereal Milk x Georgia Pie

Took the Zyrup (Zkittlez x Sherb x Zkittlez bx2) Male to that and made this monster. Had her in a room with many other potential keepers i was re running and had to take her a little longer than she wanted so she started funkin out but shes a banger. The flavor profile on these are straight Milk & Gasoline

I like terpy bud, but there’s nothing i enjoy more than heavy gasoline note to it. Gas = Power

Years of breeding and hunting into these Xs and I’m proud of the evolution and how far we’ve come. As long as i can

walk around I’ll always be growing and hunting #untilthecasketdrops Thanks to everyone for all their support.


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