Best New Local Brand – Serge Cannabis

Blackberry Gary – Courtesy of Serge Cannabis.
On the heels of the Blackberry Gary launch, Serge Cannabis has made waves up and down the state. Sure its founder and namesake already etched his name in L.A. cannabis history with his efforts to help launch Cookies Maywood and Fiore, but if Serge keeps dropping heat like the Blackberry Gary, it won’t be long until we have to add Serge’s latest endeavor to his list of L.A. accomplishments for sure.

Serge flanked by his brothers on the left and Aram on the right

Fidel went on to explain how it all eventually came together after originally returning to Los Angeles from Beirut and working in both his brothers’ grow shop at age 18; he’s now 30.

“We’re kind of just waiting for Serge to be honest with you,” Fidel said. “As much as he led the way, he’s so selfless and picked up so many other brands. He didn’t focus to himself. Now he has organically bred some cultivars that are especially nuts.”

Fidel called the Blackberry Gary something you could really stick your chest out about.

Today’s strain premier took place at 6685 Hollywood Blvd., in Los Angeles, The Sunset Sherbery x Zkittelz Bx2 used to create the Blackberry

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