Big Berry Bliss Feminized Seeds Gelato 41 x Cherry Pie



Feminized strain
Big Berry Bliss Feminized is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..
Serge Cannabis
XXL yield
Big Berry Bliss Feminized can produce an outrageous amount of weed, but may require a little extra attention.
Sunny / Mediterranean
Big Berry Bliss Feminized can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.
Average height gain
Big Berry Bliss Feminized will have average height gain during flowering.
Long flowering period
Big Berry Bliss Feminized will have a relatively long flowering time.
Big Berry Bliss Feminized strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.
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About Big Berry Bliss Feminized Seeds

Big Berry Bliss Feminized was developed as part of Breeding Grounds, during our exclusive collaboration with Serge Cannabis. Created by outcrossing a Gelato 41 with Cherry Pie, this medium-sized plant grows with hybrid vigour. This indica-dominant strain has a sturdy frame that supports the heavy bud set. The effects are uplifting and primarily cerebral. XL yields of purple-tinted flowers are the reward of growing Big Berry Bliss Feminized.

Big Berry Bliss Feminized seeds grow into plants with a loud terpene profile and flavours that live up to its name. An easy-to-grow plant, it does well inside and outside in the right environments. Growers will enjoy the productive and solid branching. Connoisseurs and newcomers will enjoy the creative boost from the heavy cerebral effects of this strain. No matter who you are, put Big Berry Bliss Feminized on your shortlist to try.


Growth pattern of Big Berry Bliss Feminized

This Breeding Grounds collaboration with Serge Cannabis has created an indica-dominant plant, which can be seen by looking at the physical traits. Gelato 41 and Cherry Pie were selected as the parents for Big Berry Bliss Feminized. The name for this new creation was inspired by the combination of the big berry flavour, and the bliss state that this strain will leave you in. Since these seeds are feminized, growers do not need to worry about sexing the plants at flowering. The flowering time of Big Berry Bliss Feminized is aligned with many of the indica-dominant strains, which usually lasts between 55 to 65 days after the light schedule is changed.

Height can be manipulated through training, but left to grow naturally, indoor growers often reach 120-140 cm in total height. Outdoor growers can improve on that, often reaching 160 cm and above. The sativa influence in these genetics adds to the finished height. Big Berry Bliss Feminized grows with a sturdy frame and many strong branches. Short internodal spacing on the lateral branches helps the buds stack into larger colas later during the flowering stage.

Big Berry Bliss Feminized comes with no complaints about yield. In indoor gardens, growers with the right conditions can harvest XL yields of 550-650 grams per m2. Outdoor growers can see 625+ grams per plant under the sun. Buds form as medium-large clusters of tightly packed bracts. Large quantities of trichomes cover the purple and green foliage below. The flowers are dense, sticky, and highly aromatic. Big Berry Bliss Feminized grows best in sunny / Mediterranean outdoor climates and is suitable for standard plant training methods, including SOG, lollipopping, and supercropping.


Effects, taste, and smell of Big Berry Bliss Feminized

Big Berry Bliss Feminized has well-balanced effects. It’s not too energetic, it’s also not too sleepy, but it does pack a punch. The dynamic effects are quickly noticed as a cerebral high that reduces outside influences from entering the mind. In that state, mental clarity is fostered, and people have reported the ability to hyper-focus on projects. As time passes, the euphoric cerebral high trickles down into the body, washing over it like a calming wave of relaxation and bliss.

Opening a jar of Big Berry Bliss Feminized in a small room doesn’t go unnoticed. Loud fuel-like odours radiate in the air around these flowers. During the last few weeks of flower, the growing plant emits a robust floral odour. After the cure, the first scent to hit your nose is fuel. Behind that are the smells of freshly picked cherries inherited from the Cherry Pie parent. Gelato 41 contributes creamy undertones to the profile. The background aroma we detected was sandalwood, which provided a nice balance to the entire profile.

Big Berry Bliss Feminized is a treat for the tastebuds. The fuel component in the terpene profile doesn’t manifest itself entirely in the flavour profile, and the full-flavoured taste of freshly picked cherries is allowed to take centre stage. Here is where the genius of this cross lays: Cherry Pie gives this strain its big cherry taste, but the Gelato 41 brings creamy and pastry-like flavours. Together, it is like having dessert every time you enjoy some Big Berry Bliss Feminized flowers.


Did you know?

  • Gelato 41 is popular strain from California’s San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Cherry Pie is the progeny of two classic strains, Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison.

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