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Autoflowering Seeds
Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic is an feminized autoflowering strain that flowers regardless of the light cycle.
Serge Cannabis

Large yield
Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains
Temperate / Continental
Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.
Compact plant
Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.
Long flowering period
Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic will have a relatively long flowering time.
Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

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About Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic Seeds

Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic is a Breeding Grounds collaboration with Serge Cannabis. This strain boasts an impressive lineage of Colorado Ghost OG and an OG Kush, with a genetic makeup of 70% indica and 30% sativa. Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic is a compact plant with sturdy branching that supports large yields of dense flowers. Sativa influences are present in the effects, which give consumers a cerebral feeling. Both the terpene and flavour profile feature fuel as their dominant component.

Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic cannabis seeds grow into short, easy-to-manage plants that produce chunky, sticky buds. Anytime the finished flowers are presented, the room fills with the loud and hard-to-ignore odour of fuel. This is an extremely gassy strain, but the profile has more depth than just that. The buzz from the flowers of this fast-flowering plant is excellent for staying mentally sharp but physically relaxed during the day. Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic can handle outdoor climates with mild rains and cooler temperatures.


Growth pattern of Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic

This Breeding Grounds collaboration with Serge Cannabis produced a plant with predominant indica traits, including a low-profile appearance typical of many indica varieties. Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic is named in homage to the Ghost OG in its lineage and the incredible buzz it offers. It’s also a playful nod to the iconic movie, which you can now enjoy while totally buzzed out. These seeds produce automatic plants, which means they will initiate flowering automatically.

Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic has a finishing time of 55-65 days once the first stigmas are spotted. Not only is the flowering time indicative of the solid indica inheritance, but the short and compact nature of the frame is, too. Sturdy branching with tight internodal spacing is covered in bright green foliage. During the stretch phase, the apical stem climbs above the few lateral branches and develops into a large cola. Indoor plants can grow up to 100 cm, while outdoor plants can grow larger.

Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic has extraordinary yields. Growers have frequently reported yielding 250-300 grams per m2 indoors in controlled environments. Outdoor growers have been averaging 160-200 grams per plant. The buds of Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic are chunky and dense. Swollen bracts almost envelop the deep orange stigmas. These flowers are sticky to the touch. Ghostbuzzers OG Automatic is suitable for outdoor growers and thrives in temperate/continental climates.


Effects, taste, and smell of Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic

The minor sativa influence in Ghostbuzzters OG Auto is detectable in the effects. Like many good sativas, the buzz begins as a euphoric blast-off and a lovely cerebral high. The effects may tingle the face, but the mind stays clear and sharp. Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic has been reported to increase mental clarity. As you are focused on what is in front of you, a mellow relaxation comes over the body. The soothing sensation releases stored tension in the shoulders and neck area. This strain has well-rounded effects.

Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic has an unmistakable fuel smell to the finished flowers. Prior to harvest, growers must contend with pungent floral odours in the grow room. Carbon filters are regularly used to keep the smell of this plant contained during growth. Post harvesting and curing, the diesel gas notes take centre stage. Consumers will also detect zesty-citrus smells of orange peels mixed with sour undertones and a hint of exotic sandalwood and pine.

The flavour profile of Ghostbuzzters OG Auto is exquisite. The fuel influence didn’t stop with the terpene profile. Here, the fuel taste is allowed to fill the palate and linger in the mouth, giving consumers a generous helping of gas. As the vapours recede, a sharp citrus flavour leaps from the background to grab your attention, reminiscent of fresh citrus rinds after being peeled from the fruit. Finally, a creamy gelato flavour smooths over the abruptness of the first two tastes.


Did you know?

  • Colorado was the first US state with legal adult-use sales.
  • The Colorado Ghost OG was a Ghost OG clone created in Colorado.

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